Common Questions & Answers for Host Companies:

What is a J-1 Visa Program?

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa is available for the international exchange program with a special provision for "international trainees" to obtain practical training in the USA in their respective fields. Applicants obtain their visa at the US Embassy or Consulate-General in their home country previous to arriving in the United States.
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What are the merits of the WACE Internship Program?

1. NO placement fee required by the host company.
2. All applicants screened twice ・once in Japan and again in the USA.
3. All applicants from Japan are bilingual (English & Japanese).
4. Applicants are highly motivated, committed and available for internship up to a maximum of 18 months.
5. NO minimum wage required for the interns.
6. All applicants are eligible to receive an allowance in the USA and to obtain their own Social Security Number.
7. Employers exempt from paying social security taxes, medicare and FUTA(Federal Unemployment Tax Act) in case wages are paid.
8. Applicants to arrange a prepaid health insurance coverage in Japan before coming to the USA.
9. Host company has NO obligation to arrange accommodations for the interns.
10. NO paperwork hassle for host company. WACE coordinates the necessary J-1 Visa processing paperwork.

How does the WACE Internship Program recruiting process work?

WACE submits a cover letter with the resume of one or more of the many applicants on file. If a host company shows interest in an applicant, WACE arranges a telephone interview at a time convenient for both parties. Following the interview, the host company then decides on the acceptability of a candidate. NO obligation by the host company to accept a candidate.

How can the host company ascertain an applicant's English skills?

WACE pre-screens the English language ability of all applicants via a telephone interview.
In addition, all applicants require at least two years of college education to qualify for the program and also must possess hands-on professional experience in their respective fields.

How early can interns arrive in the USA?

For the majority of the applicants, it normally takes about four to six weeks after acceptance by the host company and until a U.S. visa to come to the USA is obtained.

What kind of paperwork is required by the host company?

The only paperwork to be submitted by the host company is a Training Plan similar to a job description. A sample will be submitted by WACE as well as assistance on how to complete the three-page document.

Who is responsible in providing accommodations for the intern while in the USA?

The host company has NO obligation to provide or find accommodations for interns. Instead, if requested, WACE will provide assistance to interns in finding housing or arranging a homestay service.

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